Problems in the Workplace?

Dismissal without Cause

Dismissal with Cause

Constructive Dismissal

How is "reasonable notice" determined?

Compensation for Wrongful Dismissal

Damages for Termination in Bad Faith

The Employee’s duty to seek re-employment

Employment Standards legislation 

The Ontario Human Rights Code

In today's challenging economic environment, outsourcing, downsizing and even company "politics" can suddenly interrupt the careers of  the most competent and faithful of employees.  


Since 1986, WISE LAW OFFICE has consistently obtained significant compensation for improperly terminated employees in wrongful dismissal and employment law proceedings.  Our clients have occupied careers in  finance, management, engineering, the clergy, pharmacy,  telecommunications, sales and a wide range of additional positions from the shop floor to the boardroom.  If your employment has been terminated or you have received a severance proposal from your employer, contact Garry J. Wise at (416) 972-1800 for an initial consultation without obligation or fee.

People at work- Toronto Employment Lawyer Garry J. Wise

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